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Thursday, 1 August 2013

What's This All About, You Ask?

In 2011 I graduated from Mohawk-McMaster, and shortly thereafter successfully wrote my registration to become a registered nurse.  This profession promises adventure no matter where or how its practiced, but I had my eyes on a very different adventure right from the moment I was inspired to become a nurse by a corny CNO ad on the TV.  What adventure, you ask?

International nursing! Medical mission trips! Taking the knowledge I have and using it to better the world we live in!  Two years after graduation, I am making that dream a reality.

Thanks to Community Nursing Services (CNS), I have the opportunity and privilege to go to the country of Guyana with a team of medical professionals and laymen to share the love and make a positive imprint on our planet.

Guyana is a non-island Caribbean country off the northern coast of South America.

It has approximately 756 040 people, the native language is English, and it is very tropical.  Life expectancy is just over 67 years of age for men and women, and the leading health concerns are malaria, high blood pressure, dental caries, and HIV.

The team I will be travelling with is composed of two medical doctors, a pharmacist, a dentist (though we may hire a local dentist if we cannot find one to take), and a flock of nurses.  We will be running clinics for five days at a variety of locations.  One of the lead organizers is actually in Guyana right now making connections with the various Rotary clubs to establish venues for the clinics.  

To go on the trip I will need to pay/raise approximately $2200 to cover flight, lodging, food, and transportation while we are there.  Any money I raise beyond that goes to medication and extra supplies, allowing us to do even more good while we are there.

Items we are looking to collect for the trip are as follows:
Sun glasses for kids and adults
Sun hats for kids and adults
Reading glasses in a variety of strengths (just the cheap dollar store ones)
Tooth brushes
Small sized tooth pastes
Small sized soaps
Empty pill bottles
Sealable bags (like ziplock bags)

If you feel you would like to make a donation to help me make this dream a reality and share the love, any donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt.  Any denomination is helpful!

Thanks for reading, and I will update with more info as I get it!
Adventure on!