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Thursday, 28 November 2013

I cried in church on Sunday.

I sometimes avoid going to church when I think I'm going to be emotional.  I know it's supposed to be supportive and your church should be your family, but I just have a hard time with that.  I'm worried that if peopel *really* knew what was going on, well, then I'd be labelled as "One of those people".  Anyway, I went to church anyway, because I figured it was the week before I was going away and I was being very heartily supported by the people at church so I should put on a good face and go.

I didn't really expect to have tears running down my face out of gratitude and just feeling overwhelmingly embraced by a group that I feel like I know about 10% of.  This is why...

These are all cards from people who are going to pray for me while I'm gone.  People who I barely know and people who I know pretty well, people who have only been in my life for 2 years or less, who are going to take time out of there day, every day, for the next 12 days, to support me in the best way they can.

I don't know why this gets me so hard.  I have never known about a group of people who are just praying for me so that I stay safe, stay strong, stay courageous, and follow the path laid out for me while I'm abroad.  I just feel like I'm walking around in a perpetual group hug.  It's ridiculous. Those cards say Thank You to me, like I'm doing some one a favour.  I think it's just crazy, because all I can say is Thank You to those who sent me the cards, supported my financially or with supplies, and all the other people who have wished me well.

Thank you.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Almost there.... Almost there!

Almost there... Almost there!!

Today was such a long day at work.  I was so anxious to get to packing and checking and double checking I have everything, I just want to get done work and get this party started!

I want to give a huge thanks and shout out to my last minute (really... like 2 weeks ago, but I am slow). I made $3000 my goal on a whim mostly.  I thought it was a bit out of range, but I figured I would strive for it.  Well, I hit it, and beyond!!! All thanks to generous friends and family, and friends and family of the friends and family.  I have been totally blown away by the support.

That extra fund raising was able to help cover the costs of another team mate, and purchase more meds and physio equipment to take on the trip.  It will help the folks we go down to see, so we can do that much more!

So I am working on getting all my stuff together.  I have a problem.  We are going for 12 days total.  1 day will be completely taken with travel, and 5 are completely filled with medical clinics.  The last day we are leaving early, so 4 days will be sight- seeing.  Anyway, I have to fit my personal supplies (BP cuff, stethascope, gloves, alcohol swabs, hand sanatizer, flashlight, batteries, pens, clip board....) as well as my mosquito net, mosquito repelent, personal first aid kit, shoes, sandels, scrubs, and maybe some other clothes.... into 16 lbs total weight and a 1/3 of a hockey bag in volume, my carry on, and a 'personal item' (ie. laptop bag or purse).

This is what I've got gathered up so far:

The jar is instant coffee, and yes, there is a frisbee.  I thought it would be fun to take and leave with a child down there to make their day.  We will see if it makes the cut!  I might swim in my cloths to save taking a bathing suit... there is just too much stuff and not enough space.

I'll post another picture when it's all packed.