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Thursday, 28 November 2013

I cried in church on Sunday.

I sometimes avoid going to church when I think I'm going to be emotional.  I know it's supposed to be supportive and your church should be your family, but I just have a hard time with that.  I'm worried that if peopel *really* knew what was going on, well, then I'd be labelled as "One of those people".  Anyway, I went to church anyway, because I figured it was the week before I was going away and I was being very heartily supported by the people at church so I should put on a good face and go.

I didn't really expect to have tears running down my face out of gratitude and just feeling overwhelmingly embraced by a group that I feel like I know about 10% of.  This is why...

These are all cards from people who are going to pray for me while I'm gone.  People who I barely know and people who I know pretty well, people who have only been in my life for 2 years or less, who are going to take time out of there day, every day, for the next 12 days, to support me in the best way they can.

I don't know why this gets me so hard.  I have never known about a group of people who are just praying for me so that I stay safe, stay strong, stay courageous, and follow the path laid out for me while I'm abroad.  I just feel like I'm walking around in a perpetual group hug.  It's ridiculous. Those cards say Thank You to me, like I'm doing some one a favour.  I think it's just crazy, because all I can say is Thank You to those who sent me the cards, supported my financially or with supplies, and all the other people who have wished me well.

Thank you.