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Raised: $3208.15 Goal : $3000

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Euchre Success!

Last night was the Euchre tournament and it was a smashing success!  I was astounded by people's generosity all around.  Sarah, another nurse going on the trip, and Matt's friend Bev and her niece Kim, who did the baking for the sale just floored us with the calibre and quantity of totally amazing treats that went beyond mere baking.  We're talking ART!  Brownie coffins with chocolate skeletons, minion marshmallow pops, turkey oreos, cream cheese brownies, cream cheese filled banana bread, mustard pickles, home made salsa, pumpkin pie! The mouth-watering list goes on and on!

This was the FIRST car-load of stuff!!

We started with a very set list of prices, but that soon went out the window as the hoards descended and it was a whole lot of eye balling and setting a price that looked fair.  No one complained.

The cupcakes were added with the second car-load of goodies.  The first few customers trickling in!

The euchre started a bit late because people were so enthusiastic about the baked sale, but that was okay! Everybody had a great time anyway.  The prizes were enthusiastically won and everybody had a good time, so it was such a success!

The cards are being played!

And for those who don't play euchre: Scrabble!

Linda, myself, and Donna, 3 members of the team to Guyana!
The final total made was just shy of $1500, which was the best I was hoping for, so I am so pleased!  I am only a couple hundred from my goal of raising 3 grand, which I set thinking it was a very ambitious goal.  Awesome!!

Thanks everybody who came and who helped, for supporting the CNS team to Guyana!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Together, we make the world better!

Today I was at church and found out there are 3 other members of my church going on a medical mission to Peru with an organization called Medical Missions International. This weekend my Patricia did a 5k Run for the Cure. A friend of mine, Isaac, is doing a 5k run to end depression. I am going to Guyana. We are all supported by all kinds of people who give their hard earned money. I know so many people who have given their time, money, effort, and other means, and it is all working toward making the world a better place.

Every day there are news stories about crimes and evil deeds, it is important to take time to focus that for every old lady that gets mugged, there is another old lady receiving treatment for an illness because someone gave time, money, or effort to provide it.  For every kid that gets bullied, there is a kid that is supported by a program run by volunteers or funded by donations.  

My personal belief system is that people are made in the imagine of God.  I think that people have a drive to do good for themselves and for other because that's a reflection of God's desire.  There will always be pain and suffering in the world, but there will also always be people willing to sacrifice to make it better.  I'm very excited to be a reflection of God's will to the people of Guyana!

Food for the Poor Guyana distributing in Herstelling, Guyana.