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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Details Details Details!

I cannot believe I will be leaving for Guyana in less then 3 months!  I need to get moving, I know I know.  So much to do, so little time.  And I am perfectly aware that it is my own doing, too.  No need to point it out.

So it was brought to my attention that a few details were left out of my first post.  First and foremost, when am I going?

This is not our plane... but it could be...
On Friday, 29 November, we will be flying out of Toronto at 2300 and arriving on Saturday, 30 November, at 0610 in Georgetown, Guyana.  Yaaaay for direct flights! Boooooo for arriving early in the morning after likely not sleeping all night...  Luckily the brains of the operation are leaving us this day to get settled and acclimatized.  Also lucky is that it's only 1 time zone shift!

Essequibo river in the early morning, taken from this cool website

After 2 days of set up, 5 days of clinics, and 3 days to see some sights we're leaving Guyana on 10 December at 1510 and getting back in to Toronto at 2030.

At the clinics, we're hoping to see between 200-150 people every day.  We will be doing basic health teaching around dental hygiene, boiling water/water safety, and basic person hygiene.  We're expecting some long days that roll with the sun as the locations may or may not have electricity.  Clinics will start at 0830 (meaning we'll be setting up at 0700) and finishing up at around 1730 so that we can make it back to our hotel as a group before dark.

Sooo.... what do I have to do before I go?  Well.  Raise some funds, get some shots, pack some stuff, aaaaaaand don't freak out about the spiders!

One of the locals I'd really rather not meet! Original Website
I'm trying to convince my husband to come with.... to be my body guard against the 6- or 8- legged natives.... He's not buying in to my plan so far.

Please stay tuned for more news, info, and fundraising events!
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